How To Enhance The Performance Of Your Back Office Technology

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Technology plays a very important role in our lives. Whether it is our home or our offices, we extensively use technology to ease processes and get quick and effective solutions. Back office support service providers are also depended on technology for delivering proper services to their clients. It is highly essential that they use the back office technology in the most appropriate and effective manner in order to get the best performance from it.

Here are some of the tips that could help you in enhancing the performance of your back office technology:

Reduce The Degree Of Risk Involved

  • Make sure that you have the required IT infrastructure and it is performing perfectly.
  • Apply better management skills and strategies for taking care of day to day activities.
  • Include new technologies at your delivery center and use them wisely.

Reduce The Cost Of Various Tasks And Processes

  • Optimize all your business operations and involved resources.
  • Try to improve the speed of problem resolution at your place and implement cross team problem solving for better results.
  • Problems and issues should be identified at the early stages before they require expensive remedies.

Analyze, Monitor and Gain Insight

  • Monitoring the performance of the available technology is must. Further, you should also monitor the quality that you achieve from it.
  • Monitor the availability of various technologies and get insight of what else you need.
  • Research and prevent problems from occurring again.
  • Use historical data and trends for planning capacity and budget of technology.

Achieve Higher Efficiency And Lower Expenses Through Back Office Outsourcing

Back office department is an important part of any organization. This is the place where most of the real work is done. Whether some forms are to be filled or bills are to be sent, all such tasks are being taken care of by this department. You can say that all the things necessary to keep a business moving are done here. Outsourcing back office tasks to offshore back office service providers is a good option for organizations as it reduces their workload and allows them to focus on their core business processes.

Back office outsourcing can help you achieve higher efficiency and lower overhead expenses. Here are a few ways in which it helps organizations with their efficiency and expenses.

Allows You To Focus On Core Tasks: By outsourcing your back office tasks to offshore vendors, you remove a huge workload from your head and are able to focus on your core business tasks. While you are focusing on your core processes, the offshore team would be taking care of your back office tasks. These people are experts in their domain and have huge experience. Thus, all your business processes would be performing superbly and your overall business efficiency would increase.

Lower Cost: If you choose a vendor from Indian sub-continent region then you can expect very nominal charges for their services. The labor cost in this region is very low as compared to that in developed countries and it allows them to provide services at very low rates. Further, you won’t have to spend money on developing infrastructure and equipping it with required technologies and equipments. The cost of hiring and maintaining a permanent staff is also saved in outsourcing model. All these things help you save a huge part of your business expenses. It has been observed that you can save up-to 70% of the cost by outsourcing back office services to an offshore vendor.

There are many benefits of outsourcing back office support services to offshore vendors; however, organizations should be careful while hiring a partner for their back office services. A right choice at this point can have a big positive impact on your business whereas a wrong choice could greatly hurt your business. Therefore, it is suggested that choose your outsourcing partner wisely.

Outsource Back Office Services and Enjoy Great Benefits

Back office activities comprise of those activities which are usually concerned with non-core business tasks. Outsourcing them to an experienced call center service provider could offer you great advantages. If you outsource your back office tasks to an experienced vendor having expertise in back office domain then you can surely expect huge benefits from it.

We, at  Call Center India, offer some of the best back office solutions to global organizations. Here are a few advantages that you expect by outsourcing your back office services.

Less Paperwork: A major portion of back office tasks consists of paperwork. Managing this paperwork could be a very tiring job. By outsourcing this work to offshore vendors, you can reduce the amount of paperwork that you have to deal with.

Save Money: The main reason for outsourcing any business process is usually monetary. Doing all this work on your own would require a lot of expenditure from your end. All this expenditure can be saved by outsourcing this work.

Expert Resources: By outsourcing your work to a call center you get expert resources who work for you. These resources are well trained in their particular domain and hold exceptional knowledge in their field. They are capable of providing much better and effective solutions than usual employees.

Focus on Core Business activities: By outsourcing your non-core tasks to offshore vendors you are able to focus on your core business activities. You are able to give more time and more attention on your core business tasks which eventually enhances your business performance.

These were some of the benefits that you can get by outsourcing your back office tasks to an offshore call center service provider. However, you can expect many more advantages and superior services by outsourcing your work to us. To know more or to share your thoughts with us please leave us a comment below.

Four steps of the back-office efficiency cycle

The secret of an efficient back-office like Call Center in India is compliance to the efficiency cycle. The four crucial steps of this cycle are shown below.  A good management at each step results into excellence in the back-office operations.

 It begins with development of the plan which results in a schedule of work for each person after computing the available resources and work volume.

Then we have to ensure quality in the processes, by formulating a stringent quality check-mechanism.The hallmark of best offshore back-office vendors is a zero tolerance for errors.

Next, we have to utilize the available data and organize the generated data. The privacy of sensitive client data is the first priority always.

Finally we have to execute the process and each resource has to deliver the performance. So that the end product achieved par excellence and delights the clients. The emphasis is on punctuality of delivery to the clients in the specified turn-around time.

Whatever may be the task, whether data processing or e-mail support, this efficiency cycle applies to all the back-office operations alike.

Back Office Data Management Services

Vision 2013 and New Year resolutions for back-office services

Celebrations for welcoming the New Year have concluded, and now is the time for some brainstorming for the year ahead. Therefore we convened and all-staff meeting at Call Center India to determine how should we plan our next year. All of us put our ideas on the table about what can we do to make this year exceptionally successful and make our various solutions like offshore Email Support Services, order processing etc. as more efficient and effective. Some of the ideas which were endorsed by the majority were later adopted as our Vision Document and the New Year Resolutions.

Our draft adopted as Vision 2013 read

In the year 2013, we will be driven by the sole goal of ensuring 100% satisfaction of our clients.  Irrespective of whether our client is a small business or a big business house, we shall always value both of them equally and ensure the highest quality services to each of our client.

This draft captured the shared vision of all the employees at Call Center India. Apart from this, we also penned down our New Year Resolutions to be observed collectively by entire staff. Our Resolutions for this year are:

Take all initiatives to the level of ‘Finish’iative

Often we are all eager and excited to take the first step in a new direction, but we run out of steam somewhere midway. But this year we will give priority to taking every task to its logical conclusion. Completion matters!

Always see time as the sand slipping from your fingers

Often we forget that time is a finite resource. While you can earn back the money you spent, but it is impossible to earn back the time which is once spent. Therefore we always treat time as extremely precious and value punctuality in all our projects of back-office outsourcing.

High-Quality with out of the box thinking

For all the various kinds of offshore Data Entry Services, Data Capturing Services etc. that we offer, data capturing services or catalog processing services, etc. we know that ordinary work will get only ordinary results. To achieve anything extraordinary, you will have to have ideas different from the rest as well as the dedication to always strive to achieve quality.

We step in the year 2013 armed with our new vision and new resolutions, with the promise of delivering excellent offshore back-office services, this year too.

Is your Offshore Back Office Reliable?

Back Office Processing Services

Reliability has emerged as the biggest concern for enterprises that want to outsource to take advantage of the lower costs offshore. A lot of cases of fraud by the outsourcing vendors have been reported in the media and many more are unreported. These cases have marred the reputation of the entire offshore IT and ITES industry. A spade should be called a spade, and there is no defense for such fraudulent companies. But we should also take care not to paint everybody with the same brush. There are many genuine companies which adhere to the highest standards of quality and provide affordable 24×7 services. But identifying and selecting such service providers might not be so easy.

We at Call Center India want you to always do business with a trust worthy vendor. A lot of crucial data is shared when you outsource Data Conversion Service to an offshore company. Here are some of the tips which you must follow to ascertain the reliability of your Back Office Processing Service provider.

Data Conversion

Ask the complete address of the company, including local landmarks. Try to verify the authenticity of this address.

Most of the fake companies don’t have any address beyond their website url. You should verify the company’s claims about its infrastructure etc. And find out if they have a brick and mortar office outside of the virtual world. Asking for a virtual tour of the office over skype is a good idea.

Study the company’s website and speak to their staff

A professional website will always be rich in information, and have grammatically correct and impressive content. If the website is shoddy, it definitely indicates towards an unprofessional vendor. You must enquire how much staff the company employs – and you must insist on speaking to various members of their staff. Doing so will give you a fair idea about their skills and capabilities.

Check whether the invoice is drawn by the company or some individual.
You must take any wrong-doing or suspicious errors in the billing process as very seriously. Insist on a secure mode of payment like PayPal etc.

So go ahead and ensure the reliability of the offshore Back Office company before entrust them with your work!

Data Capturing or Data Entry – What does your business need?

We often receive requests for Data Entry services when the client can make do with Data Capturing. And often clients demand Data capturing services whereas it can be done only through Data Entry. Many of our clients use the two words interchangeably, not realizing that these are not synonymous services.There is however a minor difference in the method of the two techniques.Data Entry essentially requires a human Agent to convert the physical data into digital data. Data Capturing on the other hand doesn’t require manual effort for entering the physical data into digital.


An example of Data Entry is when a person is typing the data given in a form into an excel sheet. And an example of Data capture is the bar code sensing by laser beam at a supermarket. Another example of Data Capture is OCR – or the Optical Character Reader, which can directly scan your documents and convert them digitally as it is.


There are just minor formatting and accuracy errors which need to be manually corrected and edited. Otherwise OCR can be considered as automated data entry.But there is one limitation; OCR doesn’t work too well for handwritten notes. Because computers haven’t yet become so advanced that they can understand individual handwriting as it is.


Data Capturing works when your data is such that it has boxes for ticking or circles for filling and the data is entered in multiple choice question formats. Images or texts that appear like images can be easily stored digitally through the data capturing method by OCR. However for hand-written data, like in a descriptive form, you will have to use Data Entry services only.


As Data Entry requires a human resource, so it costs more than what a Data Capturing service would cost. Also it is more time consuming.

This info graphic sums it all up:

Data entry services

Hope this helps our clients to determine what their business really needs!

Get the burden off your back by outsourcing the Back-Office Services

Some tasks are so tedious that nobody likes to do them. And Data Entry is just one of those.

Our clients confess that typing out what is written on paper into a digital word file, is the most unexciting job. As you have to shut your thinking and just copy the text word for word. And that is why none of the staff of our clients wants to do such dreary work and they shirk the responsibility of finishing this job.

And you can’t blame them, as you know too well that it is one of the most time-consuming and most dull jobs to do.
back office support services

But the work needs to be done, otherwise it will become like a ball and chain for your business.  And our OCR scanning has rescued many such businesses that have volumes of data entry work. Outsourcing is not just about delegating your boring job to somebody else on the other side of the globe. It is getting work done in a smarter and more efficient way.

Here at Call Center India (US), we use the OCR technology to have quickest data entry.  OCR, the acronym for Optical Character Recognition, is basically a technique of scanning the document which you want to be converted into a digital Entry.The machine converts the scanned image into editable text.

However this text is not always accurate and needs to be proof-read and edited by a person. But still the workload is substantially reduced as with OCR you needn’t type everything from scratch. We have a quality control team which ensures that each document is absolutely error-free.

So don’t get bogged down by the reams of paper for Data Entry. Get smart with OCR and Outsourcing your back office services.