Is your Offshore Back Office Reliable?

Back Office Processing Services

Reliability has emerged as the biggest concern for enterprises that want to outsource to take advantage of the lower costs offshore. A lot of cases of fraud by the outsourcing vendors have been reported in the media and many more are unreported. These cases have marred the reputation of the entire offshore IT and ITES industry. A spade should be called a spade, and there is no defense for such fraudulent companies. But we should also take care not to paint everybody with the same brush. There are many genuine companies which adhere to the highest standards of quality and provide affordable 24×7 services. But identifying and selecting such service providers might not be so easy.

We at Call Center India want you to always do business with a trust worthy vendor. A lot of crucial data is shared when you outsource Data Conversion Service to an offshore company. Here are some of the tips which you must follow to ascertain the reliability of your Back Office Processing Service provider.

Data Conversion

Ask the complete address of the company, including local landmarks. Try to verify the authenticity of this address.

Most of the fake companies don’t have any address beyond their website url. You should verify the company’s claims about its infrastructure etc. And find out if they have a brick and mortar office outside of the virtual world. Asking for a virtual tour of the office over skype is a good idea.

Study the company’s website and speak to their staff

A professional website will always be rich in information, and have grammatically correct and impressive content. If the website is shoddy, it definitely indicates towards an unprofessional vendor. You must enquire how much staff the company employs – and you must insist on speaking to various members of their staff. Doing so will give you a fair idea about their skills and capabilities.

Check whether the invoice is drawn by the company or some individual.
You must take any wrong-doing or suspicious errors in the billing process as very seriously. Insist on a secure mode of payment like PayPal etc.

So go ahead and ensure the reliability of the offshore Back Office company before entrust them with your work!

E-mail Support Services: Need of The Times

Email Support Services

Letters have disappeared ever since e-mail replaced the snail mails. Personal as well as professional communication is now preferred through e-mails. These days even contracts are also being signed in soft copy, which were conventionally always signed on paper. It is obvious then that the customers also prefer to communicate through emails- but the question is that are the enterprises ready? Do they have adequate e-mail support staff to communicate efficaciously?

Probably not in-house, and that is why off-shore email support services vendors are much in demand and enterprises want to outsource back-office services of e-mail and live chat support.

Live Chat Support

Let’s assume that an enterprise has a thousand customers. On any given day, 10% of them, about 100 persons, are likely to send an email to the company. The mail could be regarding a problem that they are facing with the product, or the email could be regarding an order of more services or products. Whatever the email may be about, it is important that to acknowledge and respond appropriately to each and every email.

And replying to hundred emails daily is no mean task. It requires dedicated and consistent effort. If replying is not regularly performed, then the nu-replied emails will pile up, which will adversely affect the health of relationship with the customers.

Besides replying, enterprise also needs to send e-mails to the list of clients which are like promotional offers, or newsletters. While sending out e-mails in bulk, you must ensure that they don’t land up in the spam section.Customers should be able to receive the emails in their inbox and be able to engage in a conversation.

Accomplishing all this requires professional email support. While any Tom, Dick and Harry can compose an e-mail and send it, but to write substance in that email requires intelligent professionals, like the ones we have at Call Center India!