Four steps of the back-office efficiency cycle

The secret of an efficient back-office like Call Center in India is compliance to the efficiency cycle. The four crucial steps of this cycle are shown below.  A good management at each step results into excellence in the back-office operations.

 It begins with development of the plan which results in a schedule of work for each person after computing the available resources and work volume.

Then we have to ensure quality in the processes, by formulating a stringent quality check-mechanism.The hallmark of best offshore back-office vendors is a zero tolerance for errors.

Next, we have to utilize the available data and organize the generated data. The privacy of sensitive client data is the first priority always.

Finally we have to execute the process and each resource has to deliver the performance. So that the end product achieved par excellence and delights the clients. The emphasis is on punctuality of delivery to the clients in the specified turn-around time.

Whatever may be the task, whether data processing or e-mail support, this efficiency cycle applies to all the back-office operations alike.

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